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A. R. D. Ace Hobbies

Model Airplane kits and accessories

Aero - Works

Model Airplane kits

Aerodrome RC R/C Models

WWI and Golden Age kits & plans for Electric Flight



Aerospace Composites

Fiberglass, carbon fiber, foam cutters

Airborne Models

Model Airplane kits

Airfield Models

Tutorials and how-to's, Building Service

Airfoil Aviation

Powered parachutes

Airplane T-Shirts

Model Airplane - clothing

Airtronics Radios

R/C radio systems

Airwild Hobbies

Model Airplane kits

Arizona Model Crafters

Model Airplane kits

AMT - Advanced Micro Turbines

Jet turbine engines

Apc Propellers


Astro Flight Inc.

Electric engines, speed controls

Aveox Electric Flight Systems

Electric motors and accessories

Aviation Design

Jet model aircraft


Airbrushes & paint


Balsa USA


Model Airplane kits, balsa and plywood

BME Engines BME Gas Engines
Bob Banka Scale Model Airplane Documentation

Bob Smith Ind


Bob Violet Models

Jet aircraft, engines and accessories

Boca Bearings

Model engine bearings

Bolly Props


Blue Jay Airplane Kits

Bridi Model Airplane kits


Carden Model Airplane


Model Airplane kits

Castle Creations

Electric engines and accessories

Century Jet Models

Model Airplane kits, retractable gear

CH Electronics

Electronic ignitions

Clancy Aviation

Model Airplane kits

Clark Industries

Model Airplane kits

Climate Boatworks

Model Boats and Equipment

Composite Structure Technology

Fiberglass materials




D & B Engines


Gas engines

Dave Brown Products

Wheels, motor mounts, flight simulator

Desert Model Airplane

Gas engines

DJ Aerotech

Electrics and Sailplane kits


Motor hand tools

Dubro Products

Control hardware, wheels, spinners

Dumas Products, Inc.

Model Airplane kits, boats.

Dymond Modelsport

Electric model airplane

Dynamic Balsa

Cockpit kits, foam wings




Electronic accessories

EMS Jomar

Electronic accessories

Erickson Motors

Glow engines

EZ Model Airplane

ARF Model Airplane kits


Feather Cut


Foam cutting equipment

Fiberglass Specialities Inc.

Fiberglass replacement parts

Flight Metal

Aluminum sheet metal covering

Flying Foam

Foam cutting - CNC

FMA Direct

Radio accessories, batteries

Fox Manufacturing

Glow and gas engines

Frank Tiano Enterprises

Model Airplane


R/C radio systems


Gene Barton Machining


Wheels & accessories

Glowinc dot com

Glow in the Dark Paint and Powder

Goldberg Models

Model Airplane kits, hardware


Model Airplane kits

Great Planes

Distributor of r/c products


Harry Higley Products


Prop hubs, glow plug taps & dies

Herr Engineering

Model Airplane kits

Hitec RCD Inc.

R/C radio systems and accessories

Hobbico Products

ARF Model Airplane kits

Hobby Barn

Model Airplane kits

Hobby Hangar

Model Airplane supplies

Hobby Express

Model Airplane kits and supplies

Horizon Hobby Distributors

Model Airplane supplies

Hostetler Plans

Model Airplane plans - giant scale

House of Balsa

Model Airplane kits, balsa and plywood


Industrial Quick Search


Paint Finishing Equipment

Iron Bay Model Company

Model Airplane kits - formerly "Byron"


J K Aerotech


Electric model aircraft

JR Radios

R/C radio systems


Mufflers, engine mounts


K & A Models Unlimited


Electric ducted fan model airplanes

K & B Model Products

Glow engines

K & S Metals

Wire, tubing & sheet metal


Electric motors

Kyosho Models

Car, boat, airplane and helicopter kits






Macs Products


Tune pipes & accessories

Major Decals


MAN Plans

Model Airplane plans

Master Airscrew

Wood and glass props

Maxx Products

Batteries & electronic accessories

McDaniel R/C Inc

Electronic accessories


Model Airplane kits

Meister - Fun Scale

Model Airplane kits

Metal Express

Metal materials

Mick Reeves Models

Model Airplane kits

Midwest Products

Model Airplane kits, balsa & plywood

Model Aces

Museum Quality Scale Model Aircraft Replicas

Model Airplane News

Model magazine

Model Airtech .com

Electric airplanes and accessories

Model Engine Company of America

Glow engines - RJL, HP, GMS, K&B

Model Flyer Magazine R/C Model Magazine


Design - drafting software

Mr. Nicad

NiCad batteries

Multiplex Radio

R/C radio systems


Nelson Hobby Specialties


Model hardware, paint systems


O.S. Engines


Glow engines




Airbrushes & accessories

Page Aviation

Model Airplane kits

Palmer Plans

Model Airplane plans

Parson Adhesives Inc.

Glues and Accessories

Philip Avonds Scale Jets

Jet airplane

Plantraco Microflight

Microflight Model Airplane Kits

Polaris Systems

Airborne video

Powermaster Hobby Poducts

Glow fuel

Precision Cut Kits

Kits cut from plans

Propwash Video

Model Airplane video


Quadra Engines


Gas engines


R K Products


Electronic accessories

RC Foam Cutter Foam Cutting Supplies

RCTO Hobby

Radio Control Toys

R/C Superstore

R/C Products

Radical R/C

Battery Packs, wiring, electric R/C supplies

RCV Engines Limited

Glow engines

Real Flight Simulators

Computer flight simulators

Red's R/C Battery Clinic R/C Battery Clinic page by Red Scholefield

Robart Mfg

Retractable landing gear. wheels


Thread dies - control rods


Saito Engines


Glow engines

Saito Engine Tips and Tricks

Tips for your Saito Engine

Servo City Source for servos

Sig Mfg

R/C model supplies

Sirius Electronics

Electronic accessories


Shop lathes

Spring Air Products

Retractable landing gear

SR Batteries

Batteries and supplies

STITS Covering

Fabric covering

Streamline Automation

Foam Cutting Equipment

Sullivan Products

Model Airplane accessories

Super Circuits

Airborne video

Super Tigre Engines

Glow engines

Supra Lok Adhesives

Glues and accessaries


TechnoPower Engines


Glow engines - radial

The Composite Store

Fiberglass supplies, carbon,

Thunder Tiger

Glow engines, Model Airplane kits

TNT Landing Gear

Aluminum landing gear & wing tubes

Topflite Models

Model Airplane kits

Tru Turn Spinners

Aluminum spinners


Vario Prop


Variable pitch prop - electric Model Airplane

Vintage R/C Plans

Vintage Aircraft Plans and Supplies


Wireless Video Cameras


Airborne video systems

World Mfg Co Ltd

Model Airplane kits


Yellow Model Airplane


Model Airplane kits


Z Model


Jet aircraft


EPP foam aircraft

ZDZ Engines

Gas engines

Zenoah Engines

Gas engines

Ziroli Plans

Model Airplane plans

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